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Alight Motion is the first professional Motion Design software for iPhone and iPad, providing high-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more!

Alight Motion is a free video editing program with limited functionality and a watermark on your recordings. In the app, you can pay to remove the watermark and have access to a constantly updated library of premium effects and features. These subscription membership options are charged when you purchase them, and they will automatically renew unless you cancel them at least 24 hours before the next subscription period begins. After you’ve purchased a subscription, you can modify it under your Apple ID settings.

Alight Motion for PC


  • Graphics, video, and audio are all layered on top of one other.
  • Support for vector and bitmap graphics (modify vector graphics directly in the app!).
  • There are over a hundred basic effect building blocks that can be combined to create complex visual effects.
  • For all settings, keyframe animation is possible.
  • Masking and grouping
  • Color correction.
  • Easing the animation for a more fluid motion: Create your own timing curves or choose from predefined.
  • Motion blur depends on velocity.
  • Export a video in MP4 format or a GIF animation.
  • Effects of solid color with gradient fill.
  • Effects on the border and shadows
  • Support for custom fonts.
  • Make a list of your favorite elements so you may easily reuse them in future projects.

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Why Choose Alight Motion Pro?

Alight Motion Mod APK is the greatest program for animators and designers. It offers options for adding visual effects like shadows, shine, and so on to make graphics more fascinating. One of its best features is the keyframe, which allows you to alter motion frames in great detail with ease, from creating a single object to changing the colors or size of an object on any given frame.

This updated app is watermark-free, which means there are no in-app advertisements or logos on the movie you generated. It also includes other useful capabilities, such as the ability to create vectors with form and size modification options for both objects in a single scenario, ensuring that your animations are always professional.


It’s time for an app upgrade if you want your Android device to reach its maximum potential. Alight Motion Mod APK is a free and simple-to-install mod that adds new functionality to popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp Messenger.

This powerful patch will make sure you’re always up to date on fresh updates from your favorite social media sites after it’s installed. With just a swipe or two on the screen, you may navigate between all of these social websites with one click.

  • On your Android device, get the Alight Motion Mod APK file.
  • Go to Settings Apps & notifications Google Chrome and hit it.
  • Toggle the “Allow from this source” option under Advanced App Info > Install unknown apps.
  • Go to the location where the apk file was downloaded.
  • Tap on the APK file, then Install and Open the App.
  • That is all there is to it. On your Android phone, you have successfully installed the Alight Motion Premium app.


So, how long are you going to wait? With the Alight Motion Pro Mod APK download, you’re literally just one click away from making your life easier. So why not start now and simplify your life by using this app? There’s no excuse not to give this tool a try, especially with its easy-to-use features that allow both new and experienced animation designers and editors to get started immediately.