Alight Motion Beginner’s Guide


Among other well-known video editing applications, Alight Motion is a well-known app for generating professional and amazing changes. It does, however, allow you to edit photographs, graphics, movies, and animations in a more amazing way.

In a word, the Slight Motion Video and Animation editing program is simple to use and produces beautiful videos using your photos and other media. The fact that Alight Motion is open-source and free to use is a significant feature.

“How do I use the Alight Motion app?” is a question that many people ask.

Alight Motion: A Beginner’s Guide:

  • For your entire video editing, the Alight Motion software allows you to quickly add, animate, change, and export (A basic video editing). We’ll show you how to edit a basic custom project with Alight Motion. All you have to do is follow the easy procedures outlined below:
  • To begin, make sure you have the Alight Motion app installed on your Android phone.
  • Also, import the photos you want to edit (from a camera) into your mobile phone. If the images are already on your mobile device, you can skip this step.
  • Then, to access the Alight Motion app, click. Select all of your favorite photos that you wish to modify by clicking on pick files.
  • After you’ve made your choice, you have two possibilities. First, you can edit each image individually, and then you can use the editing tool on all of them. As a result, modify your chosen photographs to meet your needs (with the help of any method: bulk or individual editing).
  • Make sure you’ve finished all of the photo editing, including cropping, angle, and so on.
  • Then browse to the filter library and apply the filter that best appeals to you. Remember that you can apply filters to each photo individually or to all of them at once.
  • Then, paste or type the text you want to appear above your images. With the use of layers, you may write text for individual photos or use a single text for all of them.
  • Now you may add any extra items you want, such as stickers, emojis, and so on.
  • You may check your altered movie by playing it in editing mode or checking the layers to make sure everything is correct.
  • The next step is to save your edits as elements or export your video in one of the many formats available. We urge that you become a master of MP4 in HD quality.
  • Congratulations! Your video is now complete. Directly share your video with your family, friends, or on social media.

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